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12-Month Marketing Strategy for Consultants

While trying to scale your consulting business, it is vital that you design a Marketing Strategy and budget to enhance your business's growth. When first getting started, you should plan on dedicating at least 20% of your annual revenue to marketing. Once you have scaled to the level you desire, plan on 10% of your annual revenue to maintain your online presence each year.

By mapping out the platforms that you would like to be present on consistently, you will want to evaluate the platforms that the audience can be found on. For most consultants, this platform is going to be Linkedin. Your Linkedin content should be consistent with informational posts, articles, and engagement with those in your network.

While developing your marketing strategy, keep in mind that you have two audiences. The existing audience that is waiting to hear from you are a subject matter expert and thought leader and the audience that you have not been placed in front of but desire to be. Bringing new people into your audience usually requires some form of paid ad strategy with targeted ads that align with your ideal client. Remember that when positioning yourself as a thought leader, ask yourself how your audience can benefit from the information being shared. When sharing content as a subject matter expert, this content should solve a problem with your audience so much that they feel the information being shared was perfectly tailored just for them.

Start your strategy by understanding the various platforms that you may apply within your plan. The following is a list to help you map things out.

Local Marketing

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Google My Business Posts

Yelp Ads

Nextdoor Ads


How To Videos

Best Practices & Tips

Record Client Testimonials Onsite

Content Marketing

Podcasts with cross-promotion

Sales Funnel Connecting to Landing Page

Linkedin Articles

Medium Articles

Email Newsletters



Social Media-Customized Posts





Pinterest-Articles Linked to Website

Record Client Testimonials Onsite

Event Posts



Development-Update Website

Retargeting Thru Facebook

SEO Services

Manage Google +, Yelp, Linkedin with consistent content

Local Market







Direct Mail

Customized Event Invitations

Post Cards

Send Thank You Cards to reward repeat business

Promotional Offerings


Cold Call

Sales Team

Public Relations


Claim Local Listings

Enter Business For Local Awards

Affiliate Relationships

Event Sponsor

Client Experience

Branded Gifts & Apparel

You strategy does not have to include all of these items and it may include different items based on your audience. You will also want to establish each of these items by week within your 12-month strategy:






The benefit behind developing a marketing strategy and adjusting as necessary is that it acts as a roadmap for keeping you top of mind with your audience while allowing you to plan and budget. Learn more about designing your 12-month marketing strategy by booking your consultation. CLICK HERE

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