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Building Your Consulting Brand in a New City

Moving to a new city can offer an exciting adventure and open doors to new opportunities. Moving to a new city as a consultant can also have its challenges if you aren’t plugged into an existing network of support. In the day and age of virtual consulting services, traditional techniques will still need to be implemented to ensure the success of your business. The following are ways to set yourself up for success in a new city:

Research Organizations- Research organizations that your target audience would be a part of. Analyze the organization’s event content, communications, membership qualifications, and activity online. In addition to organizations where you could find your ideal client, research organizations that offer opportunities for new experiences and exposure that support your developmental growth. Starting with organizations with your target audience and growth experiences in mind will help you better use your networking time by being in your ideal environment.

Research Private Business Clubs & Co-Working Spaces- Shared Co-Working spaces are great for getting out of the house and getting work done. The start-up vibe in the spaces can spark creativity and expose you to an ever-changing group of new talent. Social Hours offered by the spaces are a great way to connect and get to know additional individuals in the space. A private business club, in most cases, will have a more in-depth vetting process for members. Private business clubs will also have robust member engagement events for learning and networking. Experienced consultants will have an excellent opportunity to connect with additional experienced talent for collaboration and or client opportunities.

Develop Content for Speaking Opportunities- After you have connected with organizations and a place to conduct business outside of your home, research speaking opportunities that address a problem that is solved by your consulting services. Productizing services into Strategy/Deliverable packages can be beneficial when positioning at speaking events. The formula for opening opportunities to speaking events are to research a company/organization, connect with them through events, meet with organization leads to discuss problems/opportunities that need to be solved by the organization, offer your speaking services as a resource. Speaking opportunities help establish audience trust as well as build word of mouth marketing throughout the city.

Align with Opportunities to Give Back-Giving back is a critical component of sharing your expertise and supporting your local community. Identify organizations that would benefit from your skill-sets the most and offer free workshops or keynotes as a way to build the capabilities of others.

Practice Continued Learning-Research local and online learning platforms, incubators, workshops, classes, Meetups, etc. to continue to keep your skills sharp. This will also be a great way to network with like-minded individuals while stretching each other’s skill-sets.

Balance Your Life- Find time to feed your mind, body, and spirit. Plugging fitness and time for ongoing development into your calendar as appointment will help you stay on-track with making time to make yourself better. Research opportunities for educational and fun vacations that support your ability to take a break while giving you time to read up on supportive skill-sets in a relaxing environment. Partnering with MLM Travel clubs, Business Club Travel Perks, Credit Card Travel perks, and signing-up for travel discount newsletters can keep you abreast of fun and relaxing travel opportunities both local and abroad. Researching retreats associated with your skill development can also provide a chance to learn while having fun.

In conclusion, the more strategic you are about plugging into your new city, the more successful you will be. Remember to work smarter, not harder as you network, and continue to grow your brand.

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