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Develop Your Service Offerings As a Consultant

The needs of your target audience will continue to evolve with time. To best position yourself as a consultant, you will need to update your service offerings to align with the needs of your target audience. Staying abreast of current trends, upgrading your technical skills, and increasing knowledge as a subject matter expert will be vital in your ability to perfect your service offerings. The benefits of having a clearly defined service offering include:

Aligning with the needs of your target audience.Being easy to articulate the services, thus making it easier to refer you.

The following are ways that you can define and refine your service offering:

1.) Continue to get to know your target audience and the problems they have. Host focus groups and send surveys to learn more about the perceived quality of your services and what clients like most. Enhance your skill-sets through continuous learning to meet the needs of your audience.

2.) Center your service offerings around the top problems you solve. You will not be able to provide services for every client issue. The more clear you are about what you do best, the better you can allocate your time to provide high-quality service in the areas they need most.

3.) Express not only the features of the service offering but also its benefits. When your target audience and clients are clear on what they gain from the service, the perceived value increases. The title of the service offering can also align with the benefits of the service.

4.) Present your service offerings using mediums that meet the needs of your clients. Understanding your client's problems and needs will help you determine the mediums to use to connect with them. For example, face-to-face meetings, online coaching, coaching over the phone, learning events, and workshops are some of the ways you can present your services to your client. Productizing your services could also potentially be beneficial when positioning, depending on the audience.

In summary, staying abreast of client needs and improving your skills to offer improved consulting services can help you succeed as a consultant. Showcasing the benefits of your service offering on platforms that connect with your audience will better position your business for success.

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